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Zardonic started composing at the age of 16 under his black metal moniker Gorepriest, and two years later he earned the Best Keyboardist award at the Premios Metal Hecho en Venezuela 2002-2003 (Metal Made in Venezuela Awards). This gained him a significant following in the Venezuelan metal scene. During the next years he evolved through various projects of industrial, ambient and electronic music under different aliases. As Zardonic, he distinguished himself as a remixer for extreme metal bands including The Berzerker (Australia) and Gorgoroth (Norway). His remix of Nine Inch Nails’ The Hand That Feeds became a global sensation on the NIN Remix Web site.

His catalog of remixes continues to grow as well as his collaborations with other artists including Counterstrike (South Africa) and Messinian (Philadelphia, PA, USA). With the latter, he composed the Policia track which was a worldwide dancefloor hit, even played by DJs like Andy C and DJ Hype.

Lewis Davidson, owner of American Drum & Bass label Technorganic Recordings, states that Zardonic “…is showing how his varied background, environmental location and unique production styles are quite possibly the secret recipe for Drum & Bass perfection”. He has also been referenced as “the biggest dark Drum & Bass act in Latin America”.

Some of his other known projects are Intimus Universum (now known as Triangular Ascension), Sol Nocturno (previously known as Gorepriest) and Klipp (together with production partner Moreon).

In 2006 Zardonic’s first tracks were released through Death Brigade Records in 12″ vinyl format, becoming the first venezuelan drum and bass producer to release a single in an international imprint. Later this year, he also founded Zardonic Recordings, an independent drum and bass netlabel.


In 2007 he was booked for his first international event in Mexico on the 19th of May. Months later AK1200, pioneer of the American Drum & Bass scene, selected Zardonic’s Moonlight Ceremony for his Weapons of Tomorrow mixed compilation CD. Soon after, his tunes earned the support of international performers such as Dieselboy, Pendulum and John B.

In 2008 he released several drum and bass tracks, as well as an Industrial Metal album under the Blackholepit moniker, entitled “Portals”, published through James Fogarty’s Death To Music Productions netlabel, referenced as “the 1992 cross-over album from Varg Vikernes (Burzum) and Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) that never happened”. A compilation of Zardonic’s previous black metal oriented demos was also released later this year, entitled Chaotic Serenity. In December, he was also featured both as Zardonic and Klipp in the Venezuela Electrónica Vol. 3 compilation, sponsored by venezuelan wireless telecommunications company Digitel GSM and Motorola, by selling the new MOTOROKR EM30 mobile phone model together with a microSD card including all the tracks.

2009 saw the release by Big Riddim Recordings of Zardonic’s remix of AK1200’s classic Junior’s Tune, and being commissioned by Dieselboy to do sound design for the Planet of the Drums 10th Anniversary Tour video intro. In a Dieselboy interview for Broken Beats on May 8th, Zardonic was named as one of the five outstanding artists in Drum & Bass at the time.

In 2010, Zardonic toured Europe together with Joanna Syze, compiling a total of 12 gigs in Spain, Austria, Romania and Bulgaria. Shortly after, his most representative studio mix Retaliation was released on drum and bass web site Dogsonacid.com paired with an in-depth interview. The first Human Imprint release also happened this year, entitled South Of Human EP. Later on, he headlined two Therapy Sessions events in Ecuador and Argentina, aswell as more gigs in Colombia and Venezuela. By the end of December, he also founded Saturnoculto Records, sister label of Zardonic Recordings.

In 2011, Zardonic got three tracks included in Dieselboy’s latest studio mix entitled Unleashed. Triangular Ascension’s debut album Leviathan Device was released aswell through dark ambient label Cyclic Law, described as “a carefully crafted work full of cinematic drones of ruthless atmospheric power, destined to make Triangular Ascension a name to be reckoned with”.

Furthermore, his track “Scream!” was picked as part of the Trackitdown.Net One For The Weekend – 15th July 2011 – 50 Of The Biggest Recommendations For Your Mix bundle, together with tracks from artists like Paul Oakenfold, Lazy Rich, Darth & Vader, Teebee, Scott Brown, and many more.

The social networking website VampireFreaks.com released a free compilation with a total of 36 rare tracks by various artists including KMFDM, Suicide Commando and Left Spine Down, as well as Zardonic’s mix of the track “Ready Or Not” by the latter.

In 2012, Zardonic announced the release of a Full Length collaboration album entitled Vulgar Display Of Bass on AK1200’s label Big Riddim Recordings, paired with an European tour for April and May. The artist also revealed a new set of pictures wearing a mask based on the Zardonic logo, as a part of his stage show to be seen on Dimmu Borgir’s concert in Caracas as the opening act for the band. Four of his new tracks were included again on Dieselboy’s new mixtape for the year entitled Wake The Dead.

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