The Destroyer Out Now

Killing it is his business, and business is BOOMING! HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS. Dieselboy, a man who has spent over two decades finely honing the craft of mixing music to make people’s minds explode, now brings you his latest 85 minute, 93 track drum and bass thrill ride. This release is ...

Savage EP Out Now

Hailing from the dark corner of Bucharest in Romania, Bong brings ridiculous detail and weight to his creation of powerhouse bass bangers. The title track “Savage” lives up to its title – insane stomping drumstep breaks layered over of a tidal wave of savage low end. Unlike what many other ...

Block Rocka Out Now

“Block Rocka” by Mantis channels that sound that we love so much at Subhuman – the heavyweight militant speaker melting bass banger! Bringing in some serious serious fucking pressure on the subs with huge ride cymbals, cracking snares and a few tasty elements of trap, this track is guaranteed to ...

Archangel / Before The Sun Out Now

This is a big one. Subhuman once again brings you some of the heaviest high energy bass music around, this time with the festival banger “Archangel” by Doco. A huge intro and hands in the air synth breakdown only hint at the weight of that gigantic drop – big bouncing ...


Sick of the snow? Join us as we invade Miami with some of your favorite Bass Warlords from the Planet Human roster!



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Datsik + Bare – “King Kong” (Long Jawns and Billy The Gent Remix) was just featured in the new BFGoodrich COMP2 tire commercial!

Read the press release from the production company MONDIAL below:

“The Martin Agency recently asked MONDIAL to help create a video for the launch of BFGoodrich’s newest performance tire, the COMP2. Shot in downtown LA by Will Roegge utilizing Pursuit systems Porsche Cayenne Camera car. The piece features some extremely sweet cars performing positively Drive-esque maneuvers.

MONDIAL executed all aspects of post production including editorial, animation, and color grade, as well as all of the stunt driving. Okay, just kidding about the stunt driving part.

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Ever wanted to hear your favorite Human artists remixed by the Subhuman Bass Warlords? We’ve got you covered! This spring, Planet Human will unleash it’s newest project, Subhuman vs. Human! Coming hard as a 2 EP package of pure bass destruction, these albums will be gems for fans new and old alike!

The albums will include tracks like:



and many more!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Subhuman rings in 2012 with the pounding Black Rainbow EP courtesy of the man known Nightwalker (bringing impressive studio strength to bear via his long career in the drum and bass scene). Four tracks of relentless low end that have been known to set speaker stacks on fire – “Boogeyman” with it’s horror string intro that drops into a bottomless chasm of sub pressure, the energetic crusher “Wrong Answer”, the floor shaking “Rodeo” and finally the epic anthem “Strange Wilderness”. Nightwalker is making a statement with this release – when the bass the drops hit the motherfucking deck! SEEEERIOUSLY HEAVY.

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An 84 Minute Bass Archive Designed To Shock And Revive

“My goal is to make the most intricate, layered, and amazing mix that’s ever been done. Period. I’m not trying to just put out a mix; I’m trying to put out a mix that other DJs will listen to and aspire TO do. I don’t fuck around. I want to be amazing.”
This quote, taken from a recent interview, sums up the Dieselboy philosophy when it comes to making mixes. There are a million lifeless djs and a million mediocre mixes.
This is not one of them.

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Hello World. You have touched down on Planet Human.

This is your online source for everything related to our labels Subhuman and Human Imprint. Stay tuned for future updates from all of your favorite artists, new merchandise, free releases, exclusive giveaways and contests for upcoming tours and releases.

Planet Human – We are the Bass Warlords.

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