The Destroyer Out Now

Killing it is his business, and business is BOOMING! HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS. Dieselboy, a man who has spent over two decades finely honing the craft of mixing music to make people’s minds explode, now brings you his latest 85 minute, 93 track drum and bass thrill ride. This release is ...

Savage EP Out Now

Hailing from the dark corner of Bucharest in Romania, Bong brings ridiculous detail and weight to his creation of powerhouse bass bangers. The title track “Savage” lives up to its title – insane stomping drumstep breaks layered over of a tidal wave of savage low end. Unlike what many other ...

Block Rocka Out Now

“Block Rocka” by Mantis channels that sound that we love so much at Subhuman – the heavyweight militant speaker melting bass banger! Bringing in some serious serious fucking pressure on the subs with huge ride cymbals, cracking snares and a few tasty elements of trap, this track is guaranteed to ...

Archangel / Before The Sun Out Now

This is a big one. Subhuman once again brings you some of the heaviest high energy bass music around, this time with the festival banger “Archangel” by Doco. A huge intro and hands in the air synth breakdown only hint at the weight of that gigantic drop – big bouncing ...

Presenting the 2012 SUBHUMAN BEATDOWN TOUR featuring the Bass Warlords :

Smash Gordon
Mark Instinct

Bringing heavyweight bass gospel to clubs / raves / churches of North America!!! Step the fuck up and get your cranium cracked. Subhuman – WE GO HARD!

Teaser video:

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The west coast bass champion returns with another powerful EP for Subhuman! Ursa Major aka BIG BARE contains 5 tracks of facemelting dancefloor napalm. “Enemies” unloads with its hard as fuck hip-hop vocal and deeeeeeeeep drop. “Lobotomy” intros with a g-funk keyboard workout and descends into twisted robotic bass riffs. “Night Moves” comes in with a dreamy intro that explodes into giant shuddering low end waves. “Titans” brings a dark moody cinematics and hits you in the chest like an armor piercing round. Ursa Major rounds off with “Earth Girls Are Easy”, featuring lots of pew-pew-pew laser bass hits and more relentless bass pressure. If you like your dubstep banging as fuck, then Bare is your man. Ursa MAJOR indeed.

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Holy Fuck.

That about sums up the strength of this release. Muffler, the king of futuristic dubstep production, sees his greatest hits to date remixed into serious dancefloor monsters. Pixel Fist delivers two insane numbers, including a 140bpm powerhouse remake of Megatronik and a 175bpm drumstep floorcrusher with Cybertron. Tom Encore steps in for a wicked update of Controller. Muffler reinvigorates his 140bpm stomper Move. And the Calling Your Name remix by SKisM is off the charts. A true rave anthem that has been killing it for the past year and showing up in the sets of Skrillex, Excision, Downlink, Datsik, etc. Subhuman once again bringing you that serious bass pressure guaranteed to crush speakers and ravers alike. UNREAL.

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And the bangers just keep on coming! NumberNin6, The OG Subhuman bass technician, comes correct with three well produced and highly varied tracks guaranteed to test the limits of any soundsystem. “Drop This” is a chugging low end monster with a menacing synth line and vocals courtesy of Maksim. Alchemy is a deceptively deep and melodic number with teeth. It hits….hard. And rounding out the EP is the collab with Zardonic titled “The Final Five”. Recently featured in Dieselboy’s recent “Wake The Dead” mix, this track is a scorching 175bpm drumstep banger that just tears it the fuck out (check the reeeeeediculous amen rinseout at the end)! Relentless sub pressure from top to bottom. A solid and well rounded EP from one of our absolute favorite producers. NumberNin6 – DONT HURT EM!

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Everybody knows that Mondays suck, so we’re hooking everybody up with some free music. This previously unreleased gem from NumberNin6 is now available for free download through our Soundcloud page. Grab your copy now and blast it so your neighbors can enjoy the bass!


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Head on over to and check out their latest interview with our boy Bare!! Read about his origins in the scene, current production strategy and the his thoughts about his fans.

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Human Imprint is bringing the 2012 drum and bass heat with a vengeance! Vancouver’s very own Krusha has delivered a truly original and hard-hitting EP with this release. His collab with Zardonic, “Without You”, was recently featured in Dieselboy’s latest “Wake The Dead” mix and damn this tune is epic! Referencing late 90s anthems on Metalheadz, this tune has a one of the biggest and uplifting breakdowns ever seen in the genre…and the drop is 100% pure amen reece rinseout sickness. “Need Your Loving” is one of those special tunes that you don’t find very often. A cross between early 90s hardcore and a more current / technical dnb rinseout, the track goes the fuck off very time it has been played. And the breakbeat breakdown…damn. A lot of drum and bass is released every week but this is one of those special ones that make a heavy impact on the dancefloor and has a unique sound of it’s own. Fuck the promospeak – both tunes are straight BANGING! #dontsleep

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Headed to Austin for SXSW? Be sure to stop by Bass Union to see the Planet Human crew destroy everything in their way with pure bass destruction!

FREE event with SXSW badge


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