The Destroyer Out Now

Killing it is his business, and business is BOOMING! HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS. Dieselboy, a man who has spent over two decades finely honing the craft of mixing music to make people’s minds explode, now brings you his latest 85 minute, 93 track drum and bass thrill ride. This release is ...

Savage EP Out Now

Hailing from the dark corner of Bucharest in Romania, Bong brings ridiculous detail and weight to his creation of powerhouse bass bangers. The title track “Savage” lives up to its title – insane stomping drumstep breaks layered over of a tidal wave of savage low end. Unlike what many other ...

Block Rocka Out Now

“Block Rocka” by Mantis channels that sound that we love so much at Subhuman – the heavyweight militant speaker melting bass banger! Bringing in some serious serious fucking pressure on the subs with huge ride cymbals, cracking snares and a few tasty elements of trap, this track is guaranteed to ...

Archangel / Before The Sun Out Now

This is a big one. Subhuman once again brings you some of the heaviest high energy bass music around, this time with the festival banger “Archangel” by Doco. A huge intro and hands in the air synth breakdown only hint at the weight of that gigantic drop – big bouncing ...


The long awaited collab between the Planet Human Bass Titans! Drum and Bass legend Dieselboy has joined forces with west coast Dubstep champion Bare to come up with an insane drumstep rinseout that has been absolutely crushing soundsystems for the past year. W.M.F.D. aka “WEAPON OF MOTHER FUCKING DESTRUCTION” lives up to it’s name – a finely honed shard of titanium bass that crackles over a high energy stepping break. With a head nodding old-school rap vocal, tons of switchups, crazy edits and a huge second drop…this track has it all. Dieselboy + Bare at 175bpm – what more could you ask for?

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It’s that time of week again! This week we have a massive Gridlok remix of the classic track “Atlantic State” by Technical Itch and Dieselboy, previously featured on the Human Resource release in 2006.

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Searching through some old hard drives, the Bass Warlord himself dug up this old gem that has been unreleased since the 2008 release of ‘Substance D’. Head over to Soundcloud now to download your free copy, available for the first time since its initial debut!



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We are beyond ecstatic to be kicking off the first in the many pre-festival pieces we have for the amazing event known as the Shambhala Music Festival! We’ve been planning for Shambhala all year and have been slowly working away on some great interviews and mixes with artists headlining the festival that we can’t wait to share with you!

To kick us off this week we sat down with one of the leading innovators in bass music; Dieselboy! Marking huge contributions to the world of drum and bass, including shaping the genre throughout his two decades of experience, Dieselboy has been focusing on his work as co-boss at the Planet Human label (Human Imprint + subHuman) where he has been helping incubate some of the best talent in Dubstep and Drum and Bass.

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Did you feel that? That’s the sound of epic bass shattering the planet’s surface beneath you. Our latest Subhuman signing Subshock is here to lay waste to soundsystems worldwide with the Richter Scale EP – 4 tracks of relentless low end armageddon. “Bring The Bass” comes in two flavors – both 175bpm and 140bpm – and is an all out assault with grinding bass riffs and pounding subs. “Catch Me” intros with banging southern hip-hop that descends into a club shaking drumstep banger. “Disco Rocket” brings an uplifting video game vibe with lots of fast drum switches and more of that signature Subshock bass insanity. A seriously sick release from one of the hottest new producers in the game. Prepare for ultimate club destruction!

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Another blistering payload of BASSSSSSS from the boys at Subhuman! Coming off the success of the Muffler ‘Volume One Remixes’, this new installment unleashes an even heavier collection of tracks guaranteed to decimate soundsystems across the planet. Pixel Fist return with another take on Cybertron, this time featuring hammering drumstep that has an almost suffocating amount of low end. Bare steps up to the plate with his take on ‘Gangwarz’ and knocks it out of the fucking park. HEAVY AS HELL! Recent Subhuman signing Nightwalker delivers a pounding version of ‘Move’ that was recently featured in Dieselboy’s ‘Wake The Dead’ and it destroys as well. Rottun superstar Ajapai breathes new life into Megatronik with a thick dose of his signature grimey distorted dubstep funk. Billy The Gent and Long Jawns bring in the heavy and sinuous 110 moombahton bass pressure and the final Audio VIP of Cybertron is equally as devastating as the others – hard shuffling drum and bass wickedness. Truly a giant release to satisfy all tastes.

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In 2011 Subhuman released of one of the biggest dubstep anthems of the year – a 5000 ton bass gorilla known as “King Kong” by Bare and Datsik. Now one year later, we present an impressive array of remixes that have been steadily crushing soundsystems worldwide. There are two 110bpm bangers from moombahton superstars Billy The Gent and Long Jawns as well as Canadian breaks legend Neon Steve. Lucky Date was enlisted to throw down an unreal 128bpm scorching electro banger. At 140bpm we have the Subhuman bass warlord Mark Instinct and his filthy grinding dubstep remix, the Never Say Die boys Skeptiks with their amped up kinetic bass workout and Bare coming in with a retooled and revitalized VIP. Finally at 175bpm Terravita have brought it home with a completely sick and off the hook drumstep smasher. The bass monster “King Kong” returns to devastate more cities with these 7 new versions – so better make sure to GET KING KONG IN YOUR TRUNK!

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