The Destroyer Out Now

Killing it is his business, and business is BOOMING! HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS. Dieselboy, a man who has spent over two decades finely honing the craft of mixing music to make people’s minds explode, now brings you his latest 85 minute, 93 track drum and bass thrill ride. This release is ...

Savage EP Out Now

Hailing from the dark corner of Bucharest in Romania, Bong brings ridiculous detail and weight to his creation of powerhouse bass bangers. The title track “Savage” lives up to its title – insane stomping drumstep breaks layered over of a tidal wave of savage low end. Unlike what many other ...

Block Rocka Out Now

“Block Rocka” by Mantis channels that sound that we love so much at Subhuman – the heavyweight militant speaker melting bass banger! Bringing in some serious serious fucking pressure on the subs with huge ride cymbals, cracking snares and a few tasty elements of trap, this track is guaranteed to ...

Archangel / Before The Sun Out Now

This is a big one. Subhuman once again brings you some of the heaviest high energy bass music around, this time with the festival banger “Archangel” by Doco. A huge intro and hands in the air synth breakdown only hint at the weight of that gigantic drop – big bouncing ...


Aside from having an amazing music video (see above), a custom Facebook app and sitting at to the top of the charts, Aftershock and the mad genius behind the track, Schoolboy, both received rave reviews from all over the internet. Below are a sample of the interviews and praise received for the release.


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Electro Jams

Magnetic Magazine

The Untz


White Raver Rafting





Our friends at NODE made a crazy mashup video featuring footage from the new game Borderlands 2!

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The subwoofer punisher Bare returns to rain down total bass destruction – and this time he’s brought a few friends along for the ride. To be honest, we here at Subhuman aren’t 100% sure you are ready for the devastation of his Liquid Stranger collaboration “Rage”. A legitimate wall of bass pressure on the drop that’s been known to humble soundsystems, shred clothing, cause sinkholes and explode car alarms. Fucking serious low end. On the Mark Instinct “Fucking Vicious” the boys come with a drumstep banger with plenty of relentless winding bass riffs and cracking beats to get the party started. The EP rounds out with another drumstep weapon called “Wasted”. Signature Bare bassline surgery with Messinian unleashing vocal stabs and the main hook “Getting Whiteboy Wasted”. A straight up party rocker. 3 titanium tracks that will get the kids jumping and the club shaking.

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Schoolboy, current wunderkind of the bass scene and the architect of some serious club destruction, has seen fit to grace the Subhuman imprint with his most explosive release to date. “Aftershock” is no-holds-barred pure speaker devastation – finely textured electro with a banging 4/4 drumline, clever glitch edits and a massive synth riff that will bring to mind some of Knife Party’s finest moments. Top to bottom a storming tune that will electrify your eardrums and get asses on the dancefloor. If you like chugging bass monsters, then this one is for you!


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The never before released version of this classic TECH ITCH banger from Dieselboy’s THE DUNGEONMASTER’S GUIDE is now finally available for thine downloading pleasure. Featuring vocals by Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime’s voice) that were written by the Dieselboy himself, this track is heavy and relentless amen workout. Click the link to grab this over at 🙂 If you punch in “0” for the amount to pay, then the track is free!


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Our brand new, high quality Subhuman pins just went live on our new web store. Visit the store now to grab yours, and take a look at all of the other merch we have available! 

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Download Bare’s new 5 track EP titled ‘Altitude’ for free at:


The dramatic images of the video, juxtaposed with the different intense sounds of this track from LA based DJ/Producer BARE, are a marriage made in heaven. Don’t believe the hype? Watch the video and see for yourself.

Directed/Written by Julian Higgins (

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Atlanta’s premier bass mechanic Mayhem has just handed us one of the heaviest, most well produced EPs that we have heard in a very long time. Joining forces with some of his 404 click as well as two of our very own Subhuman Warlords, Mayhem has raised the bar in terms of sub manipulation, dancefloor energy and outright bad ass fucking nastiness.

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Ask and you shall receive! After tons of requests on Facebook and Twitter, we’re back again this week with the Raiden remix of Freeland’s “We Want Your Soul” from the Substance D release.

Hope you guys enjoy, and be sure to share #fromthevaultfridays with your friends!


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