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Trance-turned-dubstep producer NumberNin6 exploded into the scene in 2008 with his bootleg remix of Prodigy’s “Breathe.” Having previous trance and progressive releases under various aliases, NumberNin6 needed only one exposure to dubstep during his visiting student year Oxford University, at London’s esteemed DMZ event, before focusing his efforts towards bass music. He quickly garnered the support of dubstep giants Skream, Rusko, Caspa, N-Type and BBC Radio1 DJs Mistajam and Annie Mac. He soon joined forces with American drum n bass legend Dieselboy and found a new home on the prolific Human Imprint label and sublabel subHUMAN.

With his extensive background in trance production, NumberNin6’s approach to dubstep is one with a different angle than most of his fellow producers. Meticulously lacing screaming distorted basslines with haunting melodies and lush, layered soundscapes, Nin6 manages to blend together a seemingly dichotomous array of sounds: melodious yet menacing; mellow yet aggressive. While having proved himself in the realm of aggressive bass music, he doesn’t hesitate to reach for the deeper sounds of dubstep and often pays tribute to the UK originators of the scene during his live sets. Armed with some of the most exclusive dubs from the world’s top producers and his own unique sound, east-coast-based NumberNin6 is ready to wreck havoc from shore to shore and abroad.

A full-time medical student and soon-to-be physician, NumberNin6 still remains one to be closely watched. His productions are continually changing as he progresses through his training and one can only speculate what he’ll come up with next!

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