Holy Fuck.

That about sums up the strength of this release. Muffler, the king of futuristic dubstep production, sees his greatest hits to date remixed into serious dancefloor monsters. Pixel Fist delivers two insane numbers, including a 140bpm powerhouse remake of Megatronik and a 175bpm drumstep floorcrusher with Cybertron. Tom Encore steps in for a wicked update of Controller. Muffler reinvigorates his 140bpm stomper Move. And the Calling Your Name remix by SKisM is off the charts. A true rave anthem that has been killing it for the past year and showing up in the sets of Skrillex, Excision, Downlink, Datsik, etc. Subhuman once again bringing you that serious bass pressure guaranteed to crush speakers and ravers alike. UNREAL.


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