We are beyond ecstatic to be kicking off the first in the many pre-festival pieces we have for the amazing event known as the Shambhala Music Festival! We’ve been planning for Shambhala all year and have been slowly working away on some great interviews and mixes with artists headlining the festival that we can’t wait to share with you!

To kick us off this week we sat down with one of the leading innovators in bass music; Dieselboy! Marking huge contributions to the world of drum and bass, including shaping the genre throughout his two decades of experience, Dieselboy has been focusing on his work as co-boss at the Planet Human label (Human Imprint + subHuman) where he has been helping incubate some of the best talent in Dubstep and Drum and Bass.

Playing his third headlining set this year at Shambhala, Dieselboy will be destroying the Village and is guaranteeing to flex PK Sound‘s system as he unleashes an assault full of nothing but the best in bass music. We took the opportunity to ask Dieselboy about his Shambhala experiences and what he loves about the festival and also got the low down of all the exciting stuff going on at Planet Human! Enjoy!

– Dub Selekta


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