The west coast bass champion returns with another powerful EP for Subhuman! Ursa Major aka BIG BARE contains 5 tracks of facemelting dancefloor napalm. “Enemies” unloads with its hard as fuck hip-hop vocal and deeeeeeeeep drop. “Lobotomy” intros with a g-funk keyboard workout and descends into twisted robotic bass riffs. “Night Moves” comes in with a dreamy intro that explodes into giant shuddering low end waves. “Titans” brings a dark moody cinematics and hits you in the chest like an armor piercing round. Ursa Major rounds off with “Earth Girls Are Easy”, featuring lots of pew-pew-pew laser bass hits and more relentless bass pressure. If you like your dubstep banging as fuck, then Bare is your man. Ursa MAJOR indeed.




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