The subwoofer punisher Bare returns to rain down total bass destruction – and this time he’s brought a few friends along for the ride. To be honest, we here at Subhuman aren’t 100% sure you are ready for the devastation of his Liquid Stranger collaboration “Rage”. A legitimate wall of bass pressure on the drop that’s been known to humble soundsystems, shred clothing, cause sinkholes and explode car alarms. Fucking serious low end. On the Mark Instinct “Fucking Vicious” the boys come with a drumstep banger with plenty of relentless winding bass riffs and cracking beats to get the party started. The EP rounds out with another drumstep weapon called “Wasted”. Signature Bare bassline surgery with Messinian unleashing vocal stabs and the main hook “Getting Whiteboy Wasted”. A straight up party rocker. 3 titanium tracks that will get the kids jumping and the club shaking.





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